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Medical Messaging

Attended project kickoffs, researched clinical studies, interviewed KOLs and SMEs to set editorial direction, and wrote content.

Latest work


Rare disease campaign

Challenge: Increase knowledge of and chatter about Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) among management team specialists who care for patients diagnosed with FA. Unbranded campaign set the stage for branded announcement of a breakthrough medicine to treat this rare and previously untreatable progressively degenerative disease.

Responsibilities: Collaborated with creative and account teams as senior writer to create print and digital marketing communications for healthcare providers.


Relating to the patient

Challenge: Impress healthcare providers with the importance of a new, once-daily, extended-release option for a 46-year-old, three-times-daily dosing option.


Responsibilities: Wrote 4 distinct stories to help the healthcare professional audience relate to their patients’ need for this new once-daily dosage. To support profiles, wrote companion brochures for healthcare providers and patients, detailing the once-daily, extended-release delivery system.

FA diagnosis flashcard

Website flashcards for HCPs

Challenge: Inform disease-state knowledge gaps, guide HCPs to understand the relentless progression of Friedreich’s ataxia (FA), and ultimately build up HCP interest for the soon-to-be-announced brand name drug to treat FA.

Responsibilities: Wrote downloadable flashcards that provide a concise overview of key FA characteristics, management, and how to measure progression.



New dosage benefit

Challenge: Infuse excitement and importance into the announcement of a 32-year-old drug that is now available in new dosages that might increase some patients’ adherence. The challenge was finding a study to support the client’s claim.


Responsibilities: Deep research located a relevant study, which encouraged the client to expand the agency’s scope of work to include a full refresh of the drug’s new dosage announcement, including emails, banner ads, and print leave-behind brochures.

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